New screening technique for prostate cancer discovered

A new technique to screen for prostate cancer has been discovered by researchers working at the Northwestern University. This method significantly reduces the number of false positives. The standard method for detecting prostate cancer measures blood levels of a chemical called prostate-specific antigen or PSA. This protein is...
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5 factors that increase the risk of skin cancer

Studies have found that melanoma rates in young women have increased manifold in the recent years. A Mayo Clinic study has found that the number of skin cancer cases has increased eightfold between 1970 and 2009. Here are five factors that increase the risk of skin cancer: Genetics...
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Cancer Warning Labels for Cell Phones?

A few decades ago, smoking was not considered harmful. Now, we know that smoking causes cancer and cigarette packets have to carry that warning. Is the same thing happening to cell phones? There are many who believe that using cell phones causes cancer. Some scientific studies have even...
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Soy may fight breast cancer recurrence

Soy may reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence in post-menopausal women, according to a study published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Researchers found Chinese women with breast cancer who had finished menopause and who ate the most soy (an average of 49.6 mg of soy...
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Calorie intake and cancer

Calorie intake and cancer A new study indicates that restricting consumption of glucose can extend the life of healthy human-lung cells and speed the death of precancerous human-lung cells. The study was conducted at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In the study, both healthy human-lung cells and...
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Why should we be aware of breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Awareness Facts October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst women, after melanoma (skin cancer). In the United States, it is expected that 270,090 women and 1,970 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2010. More than...
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FDA approves Novartis pancreas cancer drug

Novartis AG’s cancer drug Afinitor has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a rare type of pancreatic cancer that has few treatment options. More information:   General Information about Afinitor Afinitor is an inhibitor of mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin), a serine-threonine kinase,...
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5 Surprising Things That Can Cause Cancer

Smoking, obesity, and unhealthy diets are risk factors for cancer. However, there are other factors that can cause cancer as well. Here are five surprising things that many people are unaware can raise their risk of cancer: Surprising Behavioral Risk Factors of Cancer Too little sunlight: Too much...
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