5 factors that increase the risk of skin cancer

Studies have found that melanoma rates in young women have increased manifold in the recent years. A Mayo Clinic study has found that the number of skin cancer cases has increased eightfold between 1970 and 2009. Here are five factors that increase the risk of skin cancer: Genetics...
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Electromagnetic fields and cancer

Some studies indicate that there may a link between magnetic fields generated by electrical power lines and childhood leukemia. For example, an excess incidence of leukemia in Sweden was attributed to the estimated current flow based on historical records of local power companies. However, that risk of childhood...
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Breast cancer among young women increasing

Breast Cancer in Young Women The rate of advanced breast cancer for American women aged betweeb 25 and 39 has almost doubled from 1976 to 2009, a new study finds. The study involved examination of decades’ worth of data from the National Cancer Institute. It was found that...
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Marital Separation May Hurt Cancer Survival

According to an article published in Cancer, marital separation can have a negative effect of cancer survival rates. This may be due to stress caused by separation. On the other hand, being married or never married seem to improve the chances of survival. In a study, 3.8 million...
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Green Tea Fights Cancer and Dementia

Green tea, Cancer and Dementia Green tea could be a far more powerful medicine for fighting cancer and dementia, experts have claimed. Scientists were astounded at how effectively compounds within the drink, once they reached the gut, protected cells from attack, reports express.co.uk. The green tea not only...
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Liver Cancer Symptoms

Liver Cancer Liver cancer or hepatic cancers occurs when cells of the liver start dividing uncontrollably. Just like many other cancers, liver cancer doesn’t present visible symptoms in its early stages. However, as the disease progresses various symptoms start to appear. Because of the late onset of symptoms,...
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Aggressive breast cancer needs better screening

Breast cancers in women over age 50 that are first found between mammogram screenings are more likely to act aggressively and grow quickly, a new Canadian study suggests. There are two types of breast tumours that can be missed on mammograms — "true" interval cancers that were not...
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Breast cancer screenings hit record

Breast cancer screenings hit record Statistics reveal that almost two million women were screened for breast cancer in 2007 to 200. This is by far the the highest number of screenings on record. In 2007-08, a total of 1,994,651 women aged in between 50 and 70 had mammograms,...
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