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CancerWebPage is a website on cancer created with the aim of providing accurate information in easy-to-understand terms. We use the revenue from advertisements to cover the costs of running the website. We are committed to providing accurate and credible information on cancer and other health issues. We believe that the information on this website will help people in taking informed and confident healthcare decisions.

The information provided on this website is collected from a number of credible medical sources such as reference textbooks, journal articles and other reputable websites. Medicine is an ever-changing field, so we constantly review our content for accuracy. Outdated content and mistakes are corrected as soon as they are found. We strongly advise you to verify information presented on this website from other sources and websites.

The content presented on this website is for information only. We do not dispense medical advice or advice of any other kind. Persons seeking medical advice should contact a physician or other health care professional. We are also not responsible for any mistakes or misprints.

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