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Cancer Related Terms

Cancer Terms:

Benign tumor: Cancer type which remains localized in the organ affected.

Biopsy: Histological examination of the affected tissues.

Cancer: Disease characterized by uncontrolled growth and division of certain body cells leading to tumor formation.

Carcinogens: Cancer -causing agents.

Carcinoma: Cancers located in epithelial tissues e.g skin cancer.

Etiology: Causes of diseases.

Leukemia: Blood cancer; increased WBC count of blood.

Metastasia: Spread of cancer from one organ to other organs of body.

Neoplasm: A cancerous tumor.

Oncogenes: Cancer-causing genes.

Oncology: Study of cancers.

Oncoviruses: Viruses which induce cancerous growth.

Sarcoma: Cancers located in connective/muscular tissues e.g. osteoma.

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