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Cancer cases rising in India

The number of cancer cases are increasing in India. However, the availability of state-of-the-art procedures has made more treatment options available. The rise in cancer cases in India is almost in equal proportion among men and women According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) estimate, by 2020 cancer...
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Fat around waist may increase risk of oesophageal cancer

People with excessive body fat around the waist may be at increased risk of developing oesophageal cancer, according to new research. More information: Independent.ie Oesophageal (or esophageal) cancer is malignancy of the esophagus. It is a relatively rare form of cancer, but some world areas have a markedly...
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5 factors that increase the risk of skin cancer

Studies have found that melanoma rates in young women have increased manifold in the recent years. A Mayo Clinic study has found that the number of skin cancer cases has increased eightfold between 1970 and 2009. Here are five factors that increase the risk of skin cancer: Genetics...
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Estrogen-Blocking Drugs May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Estrogen and Breast Cancer New studies finds that drugs that block estrogen may reduce the risk of breast cancer for 10 years in women. Postmenopausal women in the studies who took drugs called selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs), such as tamoxifen, were 38 percent less likely to develop...
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Study: Alcohol may improve breast cancer survival

Alcohol and Breast Cancer Alcohol is a known risk factor for breast and other cancers. However, a new study indicates that alcohol may not have any effect. In fact, researchers have discovered that being a moderate drinker may actually improve the chances of survival. The results of the...
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Prostate cancer ‘damages sex life’

Around 160,000 men in the UK have been left with little or no sex life after treatment for prostate cancer, the Macmillan Cancer Support charity says. It suggested rising cancer rates meant cases could more than double by 2030. Yet many patients could be helped if more services...
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5 Surprising Things That Can Cause Cancer

Smoking, obesity, and unhealthy diets are risk factors for cancer. However, there are other factors that can cause cancer as well. Here are five surprising things that many people are unaware can raise their risk of cancer: Surprising Behavioral Risk Factors of Cancer Too little sunlight: Too much...
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Aspirin Linked to Lower Risk of Deadly Skin Cancer

Aspirin and Cancer A new study finds that Aspirin, a drug famous for fighting pain, may also guard against melanoma. The study of nearly 60,000 post-menopausal women found those who used aspirin regularly were 21 percent less likely to be diagnosed with melanoma, while aspirin use for five...
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Mice ‘cured’ of lung cancer with gene therapy

Scientists have succeeded in curing mice with up to 200 tumours of lung cancer using a “gene therapy” technique. By blocking a protein which drives the development of tumours, researchers were able to eliminate the tumours without any evidence of adverse sideeffects. Gene Therapy Cancer Treatment Gene therapy...
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