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Some studies indicate that there may a link between magnetic fields generated by electrical power lines and childhood leukemia. For example, an excess incidence of leukemia in Sweden was attributed to the estimated current flow based on historical records of local power companies. However, that risk of childhood leukemia did not correlate with residential measurements of magnetic field made shortly after the time of diagnosis.

A very careful study conducted by National Cancer Institute investigators indicates no relation between electromagnetic fields and the incidence of cancer. In the study, magnetic fields were directly measured in cases’ and controls’ bedrooms, three or four other rooms, and the front doors of the houses. Additionally, magnetic fields in homes where case subjects’ and controls’ families lived during their mothers’ pregnancies were also measured.

The results of the study showed that the risk of acute lymphoblastic leukemia was not increased among children who lived in homes with the highest exposure to magnetic fields and there was no significant associated risk with magnetic-field levels of the homes where the mothers resided when pregnant.

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