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Liver Cancer

Liver cancer or hepatic cancers occurs when cells of the liver start dividing uncontrollably. Just like many other cancers, liver cancer doesn’t present visible symptoms in its early stages. However, as the disease progresses various symptoms start to appear. Because of the late onset of symptoms, liver cancer is often diagnosed when it is in an advanced stage. At this stage, the choices of treatment are limited. If it is detected in its early stages, the treatment options will be more effective.

Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cancer

liver cancer symptoms

Symptoms of Liver Cancer

The following symptoms are commonly observed in liver cancer.

  • jaundice
  • abnormal weight loss
  • loss of appetite
  • pain in the right side of the abdomen
  • pain in the right shoulder blade area

Other symptoms of liver cancer include fever, general fatigue, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms may appear separately or together.

Many of these symptoms are nonspecific. If you observe these symptoms, it is not necessarily an indication that you have liver cancer. However, you should contact your doctor immediately for further evaluation. Remember, early diagnosis of liver cancer can make liver cancer treatment more effective.

Currently, there are no recommended screening tests for people who are at an average risk of liver cancer. Even though screening tests can diagnose liver cancer early, they’re not cost effective for the general population. Patients suffering from hepatitis and liver cirrhosis are at a higher risk of developing liver cancer and should be monitored regularly for signs and symptoms of liver cancer.

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