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Researchers have discovered a new chemical that kills aggressive breast cancer cells in mice.

The aggressive cells, known as cancer stem cells, are believed to stimulate the growth and spread of cancers. Cancer stem cells re-emerge after treatment and are highly resistant to current cancer therapies.

The anti-cancer properties of the chemical known as salinomycin were discovered after zeroing on 30 different promising chemicals. Salinomycin was found to be capable reducing the number of cancer stem cells by more than 100 times in mice. More research is needed to determine if this compound is suitable for use in humans.

Research is slowed down as cancer stem cells are difficult to find and do not grow well outside the human body. However, this was overcome with the discovery of a new technique that allows researchers to generate large numbers of stem cells in laboratory.

When it comes to cancer, none of the current treatments are effective. Preventive measures are the only option.

Researchers are actively tried to develop a cancer-fighting drug for humans. Attempts are going-on to find a suitable anti-cancer drug that will be effective against all types of cancers.

Two different institutions conducted cancer stem cell research. The Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research is a nonprofit, independent research and educational institution.
The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard was founded to empower a new generation of creative scientists to transform medicine with new genome-based knowledge.

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