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New vaccine may help cure skin cancer

Researchers have discovered a new vaccine which could potential cure skin cancer.

The vaccine named OncoVEX destroys cancer cells and also improves the body’s response to skin cancer, while leaving normal healthy cells undamaged. This means skin cancer can be cured even when it is in its advanced stages.

Howard Kaufman of Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center stated to Express.co.uk,
“Our study shows we may have a cure for some advanced melanoma patients and a drug which has real benefits for others. This will save thousands of lives a year.”

Kaufman added,
“What surprised us was that the jab did not have an effect just on the cells we injected but on growths in other parts of the body that we couldnt reach. In other words, the vaccine prompted an immune response that was circulated through the blood-stream to distant sites.”

BioVex, the company that discovered the vaccine, is now starting the final phase of testing by recruiting more than 400 patients.

A trial was conducted earlier and involved 50 patients with advanced melanoma who had been given six to nine months to live. The study indicated that 16% recovered fully and have been disease-free for more than four years while 28% saw a more than 50% reduction in the size of tumors.

Kaufman said,
“Unlike most cancer treatments patients can go home or back to work immediately after the jab, which was administered every two weeks for up to 24 injections or until the disease disappeared.”

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