Moderate Exercise May Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

A new study indicates that men who exercise regularly have lowers risks of developing prostate cancer when compared to sedentary men. The findings of the study were published in the online version of Journal of Urology. It is well known that proper exercise is very beneficial to health....
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Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled proliferation of cells in the tissues of the lungs. If lung cancer is not treated on time, the cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body and ultimately lead to death. This process is known as metastasis. Lung...
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Prostate cancer ‘damages sex life’

Around 160,000 men in the UK have been left with little or no sex life after treatment for prostate cancer, the Macmillan Cancer Support charity says. It suggested rising cancer rates meant cases could more than double by 2030. Yet many patients could be helped if more services...
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Tamoxifen Reported to Cause Aggressive Cancer Tumors

A study indicates that tamoxifen, a cancer drug, may cause secondary tumors. Tamoxifen is commonly prescribed to breast cancer patients and is sucessful to some extent in controling cancer. Tumors that develop due to use of tamoxifen are very rare but are highly aggressive. Tamoxifen blocks estrogen which...
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Difference Between Neoplasm and Tumor

What is a Tumor Tumor Definition : The term ‘tumor’ refers to swelling. Generally, with no inflammation. What is Neoplasm Neoplasm Definition : Neoplasm means new growth and doctors may also refer to lesions or ulcers. All these terms can be used to describe either a benign condition...
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Can carrots beat prostate cancer?

Carrots and Cancer : Scientists claim that carrots are a new weapon against prostate cancer. Curing Cancer with Carrots A study conducted by Professor Norman Maitland at the University of York finds that a diet rich in Vitamin A may be helpful in beating prostate and makes it...
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Cancers of the Female Reproductive Tract

Cancers of the Female Reproductive Tract The most common cancers of the female reproductive tract are cervical, ovarian and endometrial carcinomas. Annually worldwide, there are: –> 470,000 new cases of cervical cancer with 230,000 deaths; 80% in developing countries –> 190,000 cases of ovarian cancer mostly in post...
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Tea may prevent endometrial cancer

A study indicates that tea may provide protection from endometrial cancer. However, more research is needed to substantiate this claim… A number of studies have been conducted to ascertain the health benefits of tea. Animal studies have shown that the polyphenols found in tea may have a tumor-shrinking...
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Processed meat ‘increases cancer risk’

Processed Meat Causes Cancer Researchers in Sweden have identified a potential link between eating processed meat and pancreatic cancer. According to the findings by the Karolinska Institute, the risk of getting the disease increases by 19 per cent for every 50grammes of processed meat – two rashers of...
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