Soy may fight breast cancer recurrence

Soy may reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence in post-menopausal women, according to a study published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Researchers found Chinese women with breast cancer who had finished menopause and who ate the most soy (an average of 49.6 mg of soy...
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Cell Phones and Cancer

Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer The use of cell phones has increased very rapidly in the past few years. Today, cell phones are found in most parts of the world, even in remote areas of developing countries. Cell phones generate radio frequency (RF) signals in a range between...
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Study finds obesity increases the risk of colorectal cancer

Obesity and Cancer A new study finds that obese people are an increased risk of colorectal cancer. Scientists working at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston analyzed data on weight and exercise data from 109,046 women and 47,684 men. Colorectal cancer, commonly known as colon cancer or bowel cancer,...
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What is testicular cancer?

Testicular cancer is a disease in which cells become malignant (cancerous) in one or both testicles. The testicles (also called testes or gonads) are a pair of male sex glands. They produce and store sperm and are the main source of testosterone (male hormones) in men. These hormones...
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Tamoxifen Reported to Cause Aggressive Cancer Tumors

A study indicates that tamoxifen, a cancer drug, may cause secondary tumors. Tamoxifen is commonly prescribed to breast cancer patients and is sucessful to some extent in controling cancer. Tumors that develop due to use of tamoxifen are very rare but are highly aggressive. Tamoxifen blocks estrogen which...
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Fat around waist may increase risk of oesophageal cancer

People with excessive body fat around the waist may be at increased risk of developing oesophageal cancer, according to new research. More information: Oesophageal (or esophageal) cancer is malignancy of the esophagus. It is a relatively rare form of cancer, but some world areas have a markedly...
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First Signs of Throat Cancer

Early Signs of Throat Cancer Throat cancer occurs in the throat. Its main causes are environmental factors such as drinking alcohol and smoking. Thus, throat cancer is easily preventable. However, it is easy to miss the first signs of throat cancer. Diagnosis typically takes place only after the...
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Is Asparagus Really Beneficial in Preventing Cancer?

There are many articles on the Internet that claim that asparagus is some kind of miracle cure to cancer. However, this is not exactly true. Asparagus does contain many essential nutrients which can be helpful in preventing cancer. However, ingesting large quantities of asparagus will only give you...
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Breast cancer affects men too

Breast cancer kills more than 40,000 in the United States every year. Nearly 400 of those who die are men. Almost 2,000, or 1 percent, of the 209,000 new cases of breast cancer each year occur in men, the American Cancer Society says. Male breast cancer symptoms are...
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