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Soy may reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence in post-menopausal women, according to a study published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Researchers found Chinese women with breast cancer who had finished menopause and who ate the most soy (an average of 49.6 mg of soy isoflavones per day) had significantly lower recurrence rates than those who ate the least soy (an average of 6.5 mg of soy isoflavones per day).



Soy isoflavones are antioxidants that can act as estrogens, which some people fear would worsen the risk of breast cancer.

A cup of soy milk has about 15 mg of soy isoflavones. The average Asian woman takes in between 25-50 mg of soy isoflavones every day.

The study looked at 524 pre- and post-menopausal women. It found post-menopausal women receiving anastrozole therapy and consuming the most soy were 18.7% less likely to have a recurrence of breast cancer than those who ate the least amount of soy.

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